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Meet The Team

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Richard Feller

Founder & President

Richard, an internationally acclaimed professional, brings a unique and innovative blend of experience and background to the building business. He has been a faculty member and administrator at two state universities; a dean; an executive with two of the top 500 largest corporations in the world; and a CEO with several highly successful businesses. An MBA and Ph.D., with executive certifications in value engineering, economics, and real estate, provide the foundation for his multi-million dollar, environmentally friendly, certified green, custom home build business.


With a mindfulness that not everyone can afford a costly, high-end, custom home, Richard’s passion is to help as many people as possible have the opportunity to own an affordable and stylish home. And so, Signature Homes of the Mid-Atlantic was created.


Richard and his entire build team work closely with each clientele, assisting in designing and purchasing one of our comfortable, eco-friendly homes while staying true to the core values of Signature Homes of the Mid-Atlantic by offering quality and affordability with personalized service.

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Jim Spontarelli

Sales & Business
Development Management

Jim Spontarelli is the “Customer Centered” Sales Manager for Signature Homes.  Prior to this position, he worked as Sales Manager at Ritz-Craft, our modular partner.  Jim met Richard Feller and they immediately formed a bond.  Richard had been building large, expensive custom homes in the Washington, D.C. area, and was looking for a simplified solution to assist customers within all budgets make their dream home a reality.  As a result, he opened a modular division.


Jim possesses an unparallel understanding of module builds.  As a top-performing Sales Manager at Ritz-Craft, he is competent in all operations of modular systems from beginning to end.  Prior to joining Ritz-Craft, Jim had also been the manager in charge of set-up construction crews for module builds and rentals.  Prior to that experience, he had been a Field Operation Manager of 22 Walmart store locations.  


Jim’s knowledge is a huge benefit to clients who are looking to better understand the entire modular build process, optimize their buying power, and get the most out of a modular build.  Jim’s Bachelor of Business Administration degree augments his experience and background.


Jim strongly believes that it is very important to communicate with his clients during every phase of the build and he makes it a point to always be available whenever needed.  He is unique in this ability, and, together with his personal interest in interfacing with clients, coupled with his phenomenal knowledge of the module home industry, he is uniquely qualified to assist you identify and move into your dream home.


Together, Richard, Jim, and team are building Signature Homes into a market presence in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

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Erica McMillon

Signature Homes

As the preferred designer for Signature Homes, Erica has the proven ability to help our clients achieve their dream home vision. She possesses the gift to help Signature Home customers take the design ideas in their head and translate them into 3D pictures where their impact can be visually seen. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, an Associate’s degree in Biotechnology, and an extensive work history in the corporate world. Despite her success in the corporate world, her passion has always been interior design. Her overall goal is to change people’s lives by creating beautiful spaces that reflect who her clients are, incorporating the things that they love, their cultures, heritage, and families. 

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Mark Ferguson

Senior Lender
Wesbanco Bank

As Vice President and Senior Market Leader for Wesbanco Bank in the MidAtlantic market, Mark utilizes a client focused approach to provide unique residential mortgage solutions to those he serves.  Mark is widely considered an expert in his field, particularly with construction financing, to include land acquisition, new build, teardown/rebuild, renovation and modular builds.  As the preferred lender for Signature Homes, Mark’s background, expertise and knowledge is extremely valuable to help our clients pursue the best financing strategy for their individual needs and circumstances.  Mark is a Northern Virginia native and currently resides in Loudoun County where he enjoys his time with family and the occasional round of golf. 

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Cathy Kane


Cathy, Century 21 New Millennium, is our preferred realtor for Signature Homes. She is excited to be part of the great team at Signature Homes of the Mid-Atlantic, and is personally familiar with the Northern Virginia and Maryland areas that we serve. As a native Virginian who grew up in the Annandale/Fairfax area, Cathy has seen the explosive growth of the region together with the unique opportunities and challenges this provides. Having worked in the real estate industry for over 15 years as a licensed agent, Cathy has helped Hundreds of clients find or build a beautiful home. She has expertise in all aspects of real estate including lot acquisition and development, new construction, first time home buyers, experienced investors, and all functions related to home ownership. With a passion for helping clients 365 days a year, her commitment to their successful home ownership journey is unmatched. She is looking forward to helping you realize your dream home.

Valued Partnerships

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