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How much do system-built homes cost vs. site-built?

The system-built home manufacturer buys building materials in bulk, passing the savings onto you. There is also savings in how quickly your home is finished vs. the typical site-built timeline.

Is a system-built home the same quality as a site-built home?

Yes, and in many cases better. System-built homes are built in a factory which requires the home to be driven on the highway and arrive in the same condition it left in. System-built homes are built to exceptional quality to withstand transportation and being set onto your foundation. Additionally, our homes offer top-of-the line finishes in brand names you know and trust.

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Are system-built home plans generic?

We do offer a collection of predesigned plans, but all system-built homes are fully customizable. You can provide your own plans, sketches and drawings which we can price, finalize and build. 

Do I need a specific foundation?

As with a site-built home, the type of foundation you want depends on your preference. The most common are full basement, crawlspace, or piers - which are common near water and flood zone areas. There are also raised slab foundations available.

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Do your system-built homes come with a warranty?

Yes. System Built Homes provides at 1 year builder warranty, 2 years systems warranty and 10-year structural warranty offered through the 2-10 Warranty Company. View Warranty Information.

Are system-built homes approved for my area?

Yes. System-built homes are built to the same exact codes as site-built homes. Signature Homes will speak to your building department to assure them that these are system-built, not Manufactured homes, if necessary.

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Will my home be built to my local building codes?

Yes. Signature Homes and Ritz-Craft ensure that every house is built to the highest standards and comply with all of your local building codes. Every home must pass the same requirements as a site-built home. There is an independent, third-party inspector that examines each house throughout the process to ensure everything meets, or exceeds, all building codes. 

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